We support you. We understand your needs.
We have the skills and the vision. We get it done.


Since our inception in 2008, ICONStrategies has continued to be a leading BPO company in the Philippines, developing numerous innovative solutions in order to service our clients’ needs.

We have a dedicated and well trained team of specialists who consistently provide excellent services delivered in an expedient and practical manner.

Whatever our clients’ goals are, ICONS will develop and implement the strategy, and has the people with the expertise to professionally service their needs. We combine our various skills, industry understanding, and experience to form holistic and comprehensive solutions that cannot be matched by our competitors.

Over the past 8 years, we have grown from a small unit of 4 working out of our house in Capiz, to a team of over 70 individuals strategically located in various regions across the nation.

Our Mission

Our business is helping your business
Our approach isn't simply to handle the task, what we do is get inside your mind to understand your business and industry. The more we know, the more foresight we have to provide you with what you need when you need it. As you grow, we grow. All of our solutions can be implemented quickly, and are easily scalable.

We consistently deliver strategies and solutions based on our Mission and Core Values

Simplicity: To make more out of less.
Passion: To inspire creativity, optimism and fun.
Success: To help our clients succeed.


Our core values serve as a compass for our actions and guide the way we work with our clients, partners, each other, and within our communities. Through integrity, passion, simplicity and a focus on success, we've created a vibrant company culture where people can thrive, ideas can blossom, and success can flourish.

Leadership: Have the courage to make things better.
Collaborate: Leverage our collective genius.
Integrity: Be real and honest.
Accountability: Own your work.
Commitment: Do what you say you'll do, keep your word.
Quality: Always do your best.


We are a diverse team of specialists, each with our own advantages and skills, that form a single unit to support and enhance your company's growth and success.


  • - Adobe Software
  • - Agile Methodology
  • - Ajax
  • - Android
  • - ASP.NET
  • - Asterisk Testing
  • - AutoCAD
  • - Bash Scripting
  • - C++ / C#
  • - Chat Support Tools
  • - CRMs
  • - CSS / CSS3
  • - Documentation
  • - Email Campaign Software
  • - FreePBX
  • - Google Analytics
  • - GUIs
  • - HTML / HTML5
  • - iOS
  • - JAVA
  • - JQUERY
  • - Linux (various distros)
  • - MYSQL
  • - PERL
  • - PHP
  • - Python
  • - Regression Testing
  • - Remote Shell (rsh)
  • - Ruby On Rails
  • - Scala
  • - Scrum
  • - Software and Application Testing
  • - SQL
  • - Technical Troubleshooting
  • - Ticketing Systems
  • - Unit / Case Testing
  • - VOIP Technologies
  • - Windows Server (various versions)
  • - Workfrow Processes


  • - Problem Solving
  • - Web Development
  • - System Administration
  • - Customer Service
  • - Making our Clients Happy
  • - Project Management
  • - Multi-Tasking
  • - Software Development
  • - Having Fun
  • - Improving Processes
  • - Continuously Learning
  • - Generating New Revenue
  • - Developing Creative Solutions
  • - New Challenges
  • - Building New Applications
  • - Saving Our Clients Money
  • - Increasing Efficiently
  • - Providing Full Customer Satisfaction


The numbers to date

Website Designed: 63
Satisfied Clients: 105
# Networks Monitored: 27
Hacks Blocked / Deterred: 132
Tickets Resolved To Date 1,792,384
Lines of Code Written: 41,301,259
Logos Designed: 38
Servers Maintained: 207
WP Plugins Created: 24
Marketing Items Drafted: 1,451
IP Phones Configured: 7,558
Apps Developed: 3
Mission Start Date: 2008-06-15 02:07 GMT +8 (Earth Time)
Current Mission Time:
Points of Interest
Origin Planet: Earth
Birthdate: Unknown
Stamina: Requires little regeneration time, operates 24-7
Agility: Extremely agile, can maneouver in & out of dangerous situations easily.
Speed: Moves quicker than most, excellent reflexes, impressive response times, turbo boost available
Class: Warrior Knight
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Day: Friday (because it's Pizza Friday)
Favorite Color: The color you see when spinning a pizza super fast.
Favorite Quote: "Do or do not, there is no try."
Dislikes: Careless drivers, solving time paradoxes, infomercials (unless it's about pizza), trolls, people who eat my pizza.


We're here to support you. Whether your goal is to develop new technology, retain customers, increase revenue, reduce service costs, or break into new markets, ICONStrategies can develop a customized solution suitable for your business.

Veena Dalip

CEO & Co-Founder

Veena is the CEO and driving force behind ICONS. With her creative skills, vast experience, and passion for tech, she ensures every client is handled with care and every project is handled with efficiency. Her task-mastery and hands-on approach results in quick problem-solving as she guides the project to completion.

Veena is able to devise strategies that result in transparent communication and innovative design, while all aspects of the project are clear and seamless for all team members involved.

Veena’s strong creative background lets her influence aesthetically pleasing interfaces and positive user experiences, her Bachelor’s in Accounting helps to keep client projects within budget, and her passion for emerging tech platforms allows her to design solutions from a unique perspective.

Sean Dalip

COO & Co-Founder

With over 15 years work experience among Fortune 500 Companies, Sean has been involved in numerous projects, and has been able to analyse and streamline operational processes and procedures to effectively reduce operations expenses by a minimum of 25% in each instance without compromising quality.

His technical background and inter-personal skills have consistently allowed him to bridge the gap between management, development, and technical support staff. He has assisted in reducing the number of operating systems and databases, amalgamating them into one major system with redundancies, and has helped design complex system layouts, as well as internal and external user interfaces.

He has also assisted numerous companies in a variety of industries including the financial, retail and telecommunications sectors, and has a great deal of experience with all aspects of business, from targeting markets to marketing strategies, drafting logistic procedures to implementation, from front desk and customer service to back-end support, from hiring and training to on-going coaching.

Stephanie Ang

HR Manager

With more than 9 years of experience on the Managerial level and having handled both client services and human resource management for prestigious companies, Steph is now a proud member of ICONS family. Steph has also been a respected Manager with expertise in leading strategic business planning and formulating performance metrics designed to spur creativity and continuous learning.

Steph is passionate about building high performance teams, leadership, strategy, new business development, and cultivating an inspiring culture within the Company.

Alvin Altarez

Senior System Administrator

Sheil Roblete

Project Manager

Sheil has been with ICONS for 5 years, and joined us as an Inbound Customer Service Agent, but her curiosity and unquenchable thirst for knowledge propelled her to Technical Support, then to Jr System Admin, and now to Project Manager.

Sheil understands the complexities of custom-built systems, the relationship between the various pieces, and is able to identify hurdles in the development process while presenting solutions to these challenges. Her friendly personality and firm guidance allows her to lead her Development Team's efforts directing them to achieving the client's goals, producing effective and efficient results.

Jonathan Sabado

Team Leader

With many years of relevant experience, there is no question that Jonathan will be efficient on the job because whatever he does, he does it well. Jonathan, or JC as we call him, is someone who takes work ethics very seriously. He brings the best out of the people that he works with, and always does what is best for our team, our staff, and our company.

Before becoming a Team Leader, he was a Technical Support Specialist for 2 years with ICONS, and in that 2 years he has become someone who can adapt to any situation. JC thrives in a fluctuating environment, always under pressure but able to stay on top of everything. He transforms unexpected obstacles into stepping stones for achievement.

After work, JC always finds time for a session with his band as a bass guitarist, or does some uphill mountain biking with his bike buddies. JC is also an ART lover, the only difference is that normal people hang art...JC prefers to wear art.

Romida Aniban

Team Leader

Mila Borda

Team Leader

​“If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”​ ​

​Mila is a ​​​​​​​Transformational​ ​leader wearing multiple hats. ​Her role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities including operations, administration, and long-range planning. ​She is used to working under great pressure​​ and always pushes the boundaries with everything she does.​ She always keeps a calm head and ensures all incoming queries are dealt with professionally, efficiently ​and within a timely manner​.

​Mila ensures all projects remain on track, all goals are met, and most importantly...​to be an asset for our clients.

Hope Roblete

Team Leader

​Hope continues to climb the ladder, transitioning through different roles and taking on new challenges. She excelled as a Virtual Assistant, and the move to a Marketing Admin continued to expand her knowledge and experience.

​Currently, Hope is a Team Leader overseeing a team of more than 15 staff, handling multiple responsibilities for the client, managing day-to-day operation, and ensuring excellent service quality is achieved in all aspects. Her flexibility and ability to adapt quickly earned her praise from our clients.

Andre Abadilla

Project Coordinator

​Curious and restless would best define me. The world intrigues me and being “out there” , immersing myself in different cultures renews me and gives me clarity. It is something I believe every human being should do every now and then.

​On my usual days, aside from being holed up in the four corners of my room/office working, I go out to the gym or play ball with my friends. Being active and healthy is a priority.

Benjie Bolido

Graphic Artist

John Ramos

Provisioning Manager

John has been in the IT Service Management & Support for several years, and is proud of being able to provide a tremendous and positive impact to our clients and their customers. John's main goal is to ensure our clients' businesses are successful and their customers are well cared for with the highest level of support, and that’s what he aims for every day.

Talents acquired during this journey:
  "Able to sit in my chair for extended periods of time without numbness or fatigue."
  "Can instantly jump on top of inquiries at the drop of a hat."
  "Can reverse the effect of caffeine."

Ariel Udtohan

PHP Developer

I'm an average guy trying to become better in both my work and home life. I'll never be perfect, but it doesn't mean I won't try.

I'm a PHP coder, but ICONS gives me a lot of opportunities to learn and experience using other web development languages. And also, gives me an opportunity to spend more quality time with my family and enjoy playing around with my kids.

I'm not outspoken person, but I'm friendly and fun-loving.

Joeben Miraña

Web Developer

I am known by the name ICONS Web Wizard Joe. I was bitten by a radioactive spider, and that made me a "Web Developer".

I was trained in the Web Arts by Jedi Master Sean to improve the skills and powers I possess (with the help of Google). Now, I have become the master and possess super powers including HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPess Library, Bootstrap Library, C++ and Qt Library for Cisco Packet Tracer.

My main mission is to make our clients happy and my secondary mission is to make our clients happy...and with the help of ICONS Family I complete both of these missions regularly. I'm learning new skills everyday to help me fulfill my mission and keep on growing with our team because I am born to be ICONS.

Ferdinand Tomale

Database Administrator

I speak to the data, and the data speaks to me. I know what the data wants - organization, and the data knows what I need - answers.

After years spent working with data, I have developed the supernatural ability to make long running tasks longer and organized data more confusing, yet the data and I are able to understand each other and continue our everlasting friendship.

Patrick Calzada

Jr. System Administrator

Ed Mania

System Administrator

Rye Apaitan

Accounting Manager

Rye has been our Accounting Manager for ICONS for almost 3 years. She joined the team after working for 12 years in the same position for one of the largest logistics companies in the Philippines.

Working with ICONS is her first foray into the BPO industry, and she is very greatful to have joined such an awesome company. Rye says: "Being with ICONS is like a family, I enjoy the company, the people, the team events, plus, ICONS has never overloaded me with so much stress, not like what I've experienced in my previous jobs which were all unnecessarily extra stressful. I love ICONS and am looking forward to many years with this company. Soar high ICONS."

Elmer Alinsog

Business Development

Mr. Alinsog has an extensive technology R&D and technology transfer background from Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display to Enterprise Software Architecture & Automation Design, with positions at Hewlett-Packard Labs HQ in Palo Alto, CA, as Thin Film Process Engineer. Mr. Alinsog is also the primary architect of a Fabricated Pixelation of Organic Light Emitting Diode display U.S. patent and co-author of numerous Field Emission & Electro Luminescence Display white papers while at HP Labs; Qwest Communications as Business Development Manager in New York City's Wall Street corridor by gathering business requirements, providing strategic analysis, RFP/RFI proposal response and management for Fortune 500, Global 2000 companies as well as Top 100 U.S. Federal Government Contractors, Federal, State and Local Government level.

Prior to architecting the Buy-Side and Sell-Side business model of AgentFactor (an International Travel Group Holdings Company), Mr. Alinsog held the title of Vice President, Business and Partnership Development at Fareportal (including CheapoAir, Farebuzz & Travelong) and was responsible for business growth in the technology, corporate and consumer markets. Mr. Alinsog has hands-on experience in managing the deployment of nearly a dozen booking engine brands, XML data feeds and suppliers aggregation as well as various online travel marketing initiatives such as SEO/SEM, applying analytics decision support data points plus multi-variate A/B split to measure ROI on spends.


We maintain a mix of both office-based and home-based staff in various locations throughout the nation. ICONS currently has more than 50 team members located in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Roxas, Cavite and Tarlac.

In 2010, our main office was established in Roxas City, Capiz. During 2011, a satellite office was opened in Bonifacio Global City, Manila, allowing ICONS to grow & enhance the team, while adding clientele to the roster.

In 2015, we continued to expand in Roxas City moving to larger location and adding a second office which has strengthened our staff, our vision and our commitment. With staff located in various areas throughout the Philippines, your company gets the flexibility and dependability it needs to flourish.


We are proactive and relentless, smart and thorough, friendly and firm. We maintain very high standards, and produce results quickly that wow our clients. We are ICONS. Think you've got what it takes to be an ICON? Visit our Careers section to view all available employment opportunities. Apply today.

Corporate Responsibility


ICONS aspires to save resources and minimize our carbon footprint, and to ensure our services are in harmony with this goal. As a national BPO company, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by employing alternative energy solutions, reducing waste, and sourcing materials locally. Our sustainability strategy helps to ensure our company’s long-term success, and that we do our part to keep Mother Earth healthy for future generations.

Community Service

We give back to our community through outreach programs, donations, and community events. We aim to serve our communities by supporting immediate and long-term relief efforts to help victims of natural disasters, and we support preparedness programs that allow relief agencies to be better equipped when responding to emergencies.