We love creating and developing new and cool programs, apps and other awesome stuff in PHP, Java, HTML5, CSS, C#, C++, iOS, Android, and many more languages and platforms. We can make simple apps, or complex systems, just tell us what it should look like, and we will build it for you.

We don’t just create custom applications or software, we develop powerful, one-of-a-kind tools that provide solutions to your business problems. We offer a full range of custom software development services for your business’s unique needs. Our software can be deployed within your local network, or online for shared use in a secure cloud.



Whether you’re an established business or just starting up, we can assist at every stage of the development life cycle – from conceptualization, analysis and initial prototyping to development and deployment of the completed system followed by continuous monitoring, maintenance and upgrading as needed. We will work with you to map out the entire project from start to end.

Take advantage of our thorough knowledge of programming fundamentals extensive experience with a wide array of systems & frameworks, and our unique understanding of the modern web coupled with our user insight to create a system that is functional, easy-to-use, works seamleassly on any device or platform, and provides your clients with the great user experience they expect.




Intelligent wireframes, page drafts, flowcharts, sitemaps, step-by-step processes and smart functionality are essential to any successful project.


Performance optimization and mobile responsiveness are standard to create a front-end that is beautiful, engaging and user-friendly.


We strive to write clean, thoroughly documented and logical code that is extremely secure, functional, and fast all while ensuring scalability.


Build in native iOS & Android, or create hybrid HTML5 apps for cross-platform consistency with a faster development cycle and rapid deployment.


Integrated payment solutions and complete retail applications will provide security and reliability creating the experience your customers expect.


A fast, functional and user-friendly system will transform raw data to easy to understand info that can be analyzed to form educated conclusions.

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We will learn the specifics of what you want the system should do, what the goals are, any preferred look or feel, type of site content and other items that make up the result you expect. We digest the info and send you initial drafts and process map for your review and feedback. We make modifications based on your input and feedback sending the revised draft(s) for approval until we have a winner.

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We begin building in our sandbox and provide you with a link so you can monitor our progress and provide continuous input. During this phase, if there are any changes or modifications you would like to see, just let us know and we will make it so. If there any major changes outside the original project scope, we assess and provide you with solutions and alternatives.

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The resulting system is thoroughly and methodically tested. We will do our best to break the system until we have located and eliminated every single bug. Documentation of the code is completed and internal/external user manuals are created for custom-built systems. We will zip up an entire copy of the full project for your records, and deploy the system.

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We are not a “one and done” type of company, we will not deploy and disappear…After the project is completed and the system is in use, we will continuosly monitor for potential issues. We are here to support you and will always be around to maintain the system, process edits, perform upgrades, and suggest enhancements to make your system even more flexible and robust.


We would be happy to chat about your project and needs, let us know what you are looking for and we can develop a solution that suits your particular needs.

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