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Senior LINUX System Administrator

We are looking for a highly skilled, logical problem solver with more than 5 years of experience who has mastered the fundamentals and has experience setting up and managing complex networks. The candidate should be familiar with the majority of Linux distros, very adept with various scripting methods, and can handle databases with ease. The right person will tap their vast experience to help us foresee issues with potential solutions, and provide valuable input that will guide projects down the right path.


• File system layouts, hierarchy
• Installation practices
• Security and administrative tasks
• Networking fundamentals
• Basic shell scripting, MySQL, Perl, bash skills


• Must have WIRED connection
• Good headset brand
• Excellent audio quality
• Can work night shift full-time (9:00PM – 5:00AM)
• Good communication skills
• Proficient in English


• Programming / Scripting: PHP, Perl
• Programming / Scripting: Bash, PHPCli, AWK
• Programming / Scripting: HTML
• Linux: Ubuntu, CentOS, Slackware, other distros
• Can set up a large database from scratch
• Has done db replication in the past
• Knows how to replicate a db, and verify all data integrity (from one box to another)
• Knows the intricacies of SQL on Linux boxes
• Can do database administration (create a new user on the db, give access, administration type tasks)
• Can write scripts to query the db (for reporting)
• Can ensure queries running are not affecting the db speed, usage, etc.
• Works well as part of, or leading a team
• Experience with streaming/online audio and/or VoIP technology is a plus

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