Make your business look & sound more professional with high-quality voice termination to more than 200 countries, direct interconnects to more than 500 mobile & fixed operators, wholesale DIDs from 4000+ cities worldwide, and Analog/PRI Handoff. You will always have clear, high quality calls at very low rates.

Our smart VoIP can replace your old PBX with an infinitely scalable solution that helps you avoid replacing your entire system every few years. Manage and mine your VoIP with the only system that lets you see inside your data network.

Our VoIP systems allow you to optimize your data network, expose, diagnose problems, lower costs and scale to any size, all while saving 40-60%. The smart VoIP systems we offer are built to revolutionize hospitality, transportation and healthcare telecommunications. Need to adapt your current system? Looking to expand your VoIP? Ready to transform into a data network with no shelf life? Think outside the PBX.

When implanted, our VoIP system optimizes your data network performance and monitors and diagnoses problems in real-time…you’ll immediately know if you have a problem and exactly how to fix it. It’s your data network, so we give you the control. If ever there is an issue, our system will expose it and empower your team to fix the problem onsite. It’s this brilliant clarity into your data network that separates our solutions from other obsolete phone systems.

Bucket Routing is a perfect solution for businesses that are locked in a telecommunications contract. Save on costs by automatically routing calls to alternative call paths based on remaining minutes available. You’ll be able to intelligently offloads outbound calls the minute you’re ready to take advantage of savings using Voice over IP.

Our solutions will allow you to automatically route call sessions across long-haul call paths so you can bypass the ever-changing call rates. Just like the New York Stock Exchange, outbound call rates vary dramatically from destination to destination at a moment’s notice. Our system will negotiate the lowest call paths by constantly comparing published outbound call rates, saving you a bundle in the process.

Whether it’s 40 – 60% off your capital investment of a new PBX system or 40% – 60% off your monthly telecommunications costs, you will see instant returns.


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